Video Services

Empress Cinematography not only captures motion, we capture the story, the emotions, the characters, the people and events.  We provide you the whole story. Coverage of every single detail, the smiles, the laughter, and joyfulness of innocence.


When looking back at your video you will discover moments unrealized, while cherishing memories like it just happenned.


Empress Cinematography provides its services for weddings, receptions, engagement, church ceremonies and "Save the Date" and concept videos.  Commercial / Corporate videos also welcome.  We cater to all communities, cultures and ethnicities. 




Weddings are truly amazing experiences.  There is so much emotion at a wedding yet we get to see people at their best. With so much advance preparation and planning, and amidst all the activity of the big day it's easy for a bride and groom to forget sometimes why they are doing it all.  Moments of stress, nervousness, and sometimes chaos are all underlined with the greatest love not just from the bride and groom but from all the people that surround them.


Months of preparation and planning of the tiniest details go flying by on the big day in what can seem little more than a heartbeat. For a Bride and Groom on the most important day of their lives, there's often no time to even take a breath. I like to capture the small details on wedding days, along with all the people that make the day so special, from the excitement of little flower girls in their adorable dresses, to the nervousness of the best man as he contemplates delivering his speech, but none moreso than the love that seems to flow from everybody there, in celebration of the love between the bride and groom.


Every human being has a story.  Every human being has their own journey, and their own search for what is important to them.  Their story is written in the corners of their smiles, the wrinkles around their eyes and the twinkle within them.  When photographing children however, their stories are unwritten.  Their innocence and curiosity for the world around them is a source of inspiration to us all, and to capure their many moments of wonder is to capture gods greatest creation at its best.


From cultural shows to being backstage, anything and everything fascinates me.  Snapping cultural festivals is something that has inspired me for many years, as I grew up in Europe but was surrounded by many different influences. I have been to many spectacular events and shows in Toronto within the short time I have been here, and I am excited to keep exploring this great city. I also enjoy being at the backstage,  capturing the fast phased atmosphere and get to know what is really going on behind the scenes.

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